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Cisco > CCNA Security > ExSim-Max for Cisco 210-260 IINS

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ExSim-Max for Cisco 210-260 IINS

3.5 stars (8 customer reviews)

About This Practice Exam:

Exam Number: 210-260
Exam Name: IINS (Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security)
Certifications: CCNA Security
Author: Boson
Question Count: 276
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210-260 IINS Practice Exam

210-260 IINS CCNA Security Practice 
Exam Questions Boson StudyExSim-Max for Cisco 210-260 IINS is Boson's practice exam for the Cisco CCNA® Security certification exam. This exam simulation, also known as practice exam, software covers the concepts you need to know to pass the 210-260 IINS exam. ExSim-Max for Cisco 210-260 IINS includes well-written, technically accurate questions and answers, which compose three unique, full-length practice exams. This product is written and edited entirely by Boson's subject matter experts, and delivered by our exam delivery system, the Boson Exam Environment (BEE). The ExSim-Max for Cisco 210-260 IINS exams simulate the difficulty and variety of question types on the real exam so closely that, if you can pass our CCNA practice exams, you will know that you are ready for the real exam.

This CCNA Security practice exam, like all ExSim-Max practice exams, comes with our No Pass, No Pay Guarantee, and is only available here at Boson.com.

Pass the 210-260 IINS Exam with ExSim-Max

  • Simulates the level of difficulty, question types and item distribution
  • Contains well-written questions by subject matter experts
  • Includes comprehensive explanations with detailed references
  • Provides score reports to focus your study time
  • Gives you the tools you need to pass the exam—guaranteed!

Download the BEE and try the practice exam demo to see how ExSim-Max can help you pass the 210-260 exam.

210-260 CCNA Security Exam Info

The 210-260 IINS is the required exams associated with the Cisco CCNA Security certification. This exam tests the candidate's knowledge of secure network infrastructure, understanding core security concepts, managing secure access, VPN encryption, firewalls, intrusion prevention, web and email content security, and endpoint security. This exam validates skills for installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring of a secure network to maintain integrity, confidentiality, and availability of data and devices, according to the Cisco website.

210-260 IINS Exam Topics

1.0 Security Concepts

1.1  Common security principles
1.1.a Describe confidentiality, integrity, availability (CIA)
1.1.b Describe SIEM technology
1.1.c Identify common security terms
1.1.d Identify common network security zones
1.2 Common security threats
1.2.a Identify common network attacks
1.2.b Describe social engineering
1.2.c Identify malware
1.2.d Classify the vectors of data loss/exfiltration
1.3 Cryptography concepts
1.3.a Describe key exchange
1.3.b Describe hash algorithm
1.3.c Compare and contrast symmetric and asymmetric encryption
1.3.d Describe digital signatures, certificates, and PKI
1.4 Describe network topologies
1.4.a Campus area network (CAN)
1.4.b Cloud, wide area network (WAN)
1.4.c Data center
1.4.d Small office/home office (SOHO)
1.4.e Network security for a virtual environment

2.0 Secure Access

2.1   Secure management
2.1.a Compare in-band and out-of band
2.1.b Configure secure network management
2.1.c Configure and verify secure access through SNMP v3 using an ACL
2.1.d Configure and verify security for NTP
2.1.e Use SCP for file transfer
2.2 AAA concepts
2.2.a Describe RADIUS and TACACS+ technologies
2.2.b Configure administrative access on a Cisco router using TACACS+
2.2.c Verify connectivity on a Cisco router to a TACACS+ server
2.2.d Explain the integration of Active Directory with AAA
2.2.e Describe authentication and authorization using ACS and ISE
2.3 802.1X authentication
2.3.a   Identify the functions 802.1X components
2.4 BYOD
2.4.a Describe the BYOD architecture framework
2.4.b Describe the function of mobile device management (MDM)

3.0 VPN

3.1  VPN concepts
3.1.a Describe IPsec protocols and delivery modes (IKE, ESP, AH, tunnel mode, transport mode)
3.1.b Describe hairpinning, split tunneling, always-on, NAT traversal
3.2 Remote access VPN
3.2.a Implement basic clientless SSL VPN using ASDM
3.2.b Verify clientless connection
3.2.c Implement basic AnyConnect SSL VPN using ASDM
3.2.d Verify AnyConnect connection
3.2.e Identify endpoint posture assessment
3.3 Site-to-site VPN
3.3.a Implement an IPsec site-to-site VPN with pre-shared key authentication on Cisco routers and ASA firewalls
3.3.b Verify an IPsec site-to-site VPN

4.0 Secure Routing and Switching

4.1 Security on Cisco routers
4.1.a Configure multiple privilege levels
4.1.b Configure Cisco IOS role-based CLI access
4.1.c Implement Cisco IOS resilient configuration
4.2 Securing routing protocols
4.2.a Implement routing update authentication on OSPF
4.3 Securing the control plane
4.3.a Explain the function of control plane policing
4.4 Common Layer 2 attacks
4.4.a Describe STP attacks
4.4.b Describe ARP spoofing
4.4.c Describe MAC spoofing
4.4.d Describe CAM table (MAC address table) overflows
4.4.e Describe CDP/LLDP reconnaissance
4.4.f Describe VLAN hopping
4.4.g Describe DHCP spoofing
4.5 Mitigation procedures
4.5.a Implement DHCP snooping
4.5.b Implement Dynamic ARP Inspection
4.5.c Implement port security
4.5.d Describe BPDU guard, root guard, loop guard
4.5.e Verify mitigation procedures
4.6 VLAN security
4.6.a Describe the security implications of a PVLAN
4.6.b Describe the security implications of a native VLAN

5.0 Cisco Firewall Technologies

5.1  Describe operational strengths and weaknesses of the different firewall technologies
5.1.a Proxy firewalls
5.1.b Application firewall
5.1.c Personal firewall
5.2 Compare stateful vs. stateless firewalls
5.2.a Operations
5.2.b Function of the state table
5.3 Implement NAT on Cisco ASA 9.x
5.3.a Static
5.3.b Dynamic
5.3.c PAT
5.3.d Policy NAT
5.3 e Verify NAT operations
5.4 Implement zone-based firewall
5.4.a Zone to zone
5.4.b Self zone
5.5 Firewall features on the Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) 9.x
5.5.a Configure ASA access management
5.5.b Configure security access policies
5.5.c Configure Cisco ASA interface security levels
5.5.d Configure default Cisco Modular Policy Framework (MPF)
5.5.e Describe modes of deployment (routed firewall, transparent firewall)
5.5.f Describe methods of implementing high availability
5.5.g Describe security contexts
5.5.h Describe firewall services

6.0 IPS

6.1 Describe IPS deployment considerations
6.1.a Network-based IPS vs. host-based IPS
6.1.b Modes of deployment (inline, promiscuous - SPAN, tap)
6.1.c Placement (positioning of the IPS within the network)
6.1.d False positives, false negatives, true positives, true negatives
6.2 Describe IPS technologies
6.2.a Rules/signatures
6.2.b Detection/signature engines
6.2.c Trigger actions/responses (drop, reset, block, alert, monitor/log, shun)
6.2.d Blacklist (static and dynamic)

7.0 Content and Endpoint Security

7.1  Describe mitigation technology for email-based threats
7.1.a SPAM filtering, anti-malware filtering, DLP, blacklisting, email encryption
7.2 Describe mitigation technology for web-based threats
7.2.a Local and cloud-based web proxies
7.2.b Blacklisting, URL filtering, malware scanning, URL categorization, web application filtering, TLS/SSL decryption
7.3  Describe mitigation technology for endpoint threats
7.3.a Anti-virus/anti-malware
7.3.b Personal firewall/HIPS
7.3.c Hardware/software encryption of local data

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Product Reviews

Average Rating: 3.5 stars (8) see all reviews

4 stars Pretty Good, Especially for ASDM acess
8/28/2019 8:18:44 PM - Amanda - Brunswick, OH US

I failed the CCNA Security on the first try but passed on the second. The boson practice exam won't get ya over the first hoop but its still good to have. The CCNA Security is just very broad and Cisco doesn't cover some topics on the Exam PDF. Not Bosons fault. Be sure to review Cisco-specific devices like ISE, WSA, etc.

1 star Cisco is not backing up...
2/11/2019 2:17:35 PM - Jeffrey - Milton, VT US

Many of the question in Boson are not in any Cisco material I have, and I have every book Cisco sells on Security. I've been allow to study at work for the last 5 months 8 hours a day. I purchased this due ot the fact Im having issue reading the questions because Cisco has a way of obscuring what you read in the books. Like Media data flow for PACKET FLOW in Stateful inspection. I guess this makes you a better tech, not makes Cisco richer that's all.
It's like Boson is making up their own Cisco CCNA Security material. I purchased this in hopes of helping pass the exam, which I have taking twice. I haven't seen but 2-3 question on the 2 exam's I took.
This Boson goes back to ASA 8.2, known fact no question on this stuff. I would say save your 99.00 and do like I, study harder on the fine print. Many Cisco question are fringe questions, CLI command based, I.E what is the result of this CLI command string etc. and be ready for the What the IPS/IDS WON'T do.

2 stars Would not recommend
9/17/2018 12:59:12 PM - Mike - Cary, NC US

High quality material, as always from Boson.

But it does not cover the topics seen on the actual 210-260 exam.

5 stars Way Better than the OCG books
8/26/2017 11:06:06 AM - Chuck - Jessup, MD US

If you are going for the CCNA Sec exam, every book out there will not help you. Read them yes for a foundation but GET exam max for 210-260 and the practice labs and read all the material from the exam links from the questions. I have really had it with the OCG cert books which do not prepare you at all for the cert exams so don't believe the reviews for them on amazon. Boson is 50 x better.

2 stars I have attempted the Exam today.
7/19/2017 7:24:21 AM - Mohammed Kasheef - Al Riyadh, SA

The material cover with respect to the Actual Exam has partial appearance.

see all reviews

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